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By being part of the The Visibility Hub, you will be led through a structured weekly plan within the group, which will move your business forward using methodical, proven strategies. Promoting your brand, increasing your reach to potential clients and securing more business in the process. This is an open, honest and supportive environment that has been built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

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Promoting local and international connections to build relationships that matter.
Private members-only events where you can meet fellow entrepreneurs.
Direct access to entrepreneurs who are succeeding right now, every day. All topics are welcome, from mindset to money, from marketing to hiring, from productivity to sales.
Boost your business success by being part of a group of entrepreneurs, who are eager to offer their expertise to grow your brand, business and client base.
A secure online space where discussions can be held freely. Post questions, get answers, collaborate and receive daily inspiration.
A trusted online concierge service on hand to help with advice, guidance and support when you need it most.

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From these past 16 years in business, I know a thing or two about what it requires to successfully take an idea from conception through to completion. Plus, I have also grown an awesome network of people in that time too.

My passion is and always has been, to help fellow entrepreneurs to actualise their dreams. No matter where they may be in their journey, and no matter how far-fetched their ideas may seem to the average Joe, I want to help people to reach their goals.

My clients get tough love wrapped in an abundance of support and understanding which in turn drives them towards their end destination in record time.

My promise, is to help take away all the hard thinking. And instead, deliver ideas and opportunities, along with the support and accountability needed to make your business a raving success.

What Our Members Are Saying

Csaba Toth

Founder of ICQ Consulting

“Very few people are lucky enough to find their other half in their personal life and it is not much easier in the business world either.
This is where Suzie has an innate special superpower…she has this inexplicable ability to connect you with people who are not only beneficial to you but where you also have what they are looking for…That creates the perfect match…and this when synergy meets fun….
From my experience to date, Suzie has proven to be the ultimate connector and a tool in your business toolbox that you couldn’t be without.”

Nathan Simmonds

Elite Business Coach

As an up and coming Elite Business Coach for high-level professionals & executives, I knew that my business was missing that magic ‘something’ which naturally was causing me to have questions and doubts. I felt like I was missing a secret ingredient, but I didn’t know what ‘it’ was and knew Suzie was the right person to speak to, I knew instinctively that she would be able to help me as someone who has been in the industry for longer than I have, coupled with having seen all the great content that she shares. Suzie is full of knowledge, resources and stacks of ideas. Listening to her own personal story, her learnings gave me the exact reassurance I needed to know that I am, on the most part, doing the right things. Suzie has provided me with some clear steps to take my marketing efforts to the next level; how to open more doors, how to create more exposure and how to make it happen in an even more incredible way. Thank you.

Andrew Gunn

I had the fortune of meeting Suzie through a mutual business group some time ago now. To say that striking up rapport from the get-go was easy is a total understatement. Suzie has this warm and giving nature, she’s very easy to talk to and has an envious and sizeable black book that seems to span every industry and country. Her ability to effortlessly pull out relevant contacts when needed without even so much as looking at a ‘black book’ is remarkable. Suzie is one of my top go-to people when I need advice or connections. In fact, I recently dubbed her as the Queen of Connections, as it seems that there isn’t anyone that she doesn’t know and anyone she doesn’t know, clearly isn’t worth knowing in the first place.

If you need business guidance in any shape or form or help with connections, then contacting Suzie should be the first thing that you do.

Sam Munslow

Parent Coach

I’ve just had the most informative and useful 30 minutes to get my business off the ground. Suzie Parkus is so generous with her time, wealth of knowledge and ingeniously simple ideas – all explained clearly so I can understand! Thank you for my 6 pages of notes/actions- this was such fabulous advice and I am more confident now in my next steps to becoming visible and known as a parent coach

Neil Jordan

Meditation Coach

The minute I started chatting with Suzie I sensed a person who really cares and wants to help others to succeed. Yes, she does have a wonderful voice that you could listen to all day, but it’s her enthusiasm and her genuine willingness to help, that shines through above all else. Her knowledge of the media world is eye-opening. She has this very modern, holistic and big-picture approach to PR journey in the digital age, which is refreshing and ultimately essential if you want the world to know your story. Suzie is undeniably connected and with that, has already introduced me to people that will start help my business move forward in ways I never thought possible before. Thank you, Suzie, for all the advice and inspiration.

Dilys Sillah

Author, Speaker, Life Coach

Where does one start to describe the professionalism, expertise, knowledge and focused commitment of Suzie, in getting her clients to get the results they didn’t even know they could achieve, once she gives you her Midas Touch?
Suzie was recommended to me by a respected business associate. I was promised a seasoned PR guru and got a lot more than I expected. She is like a treasure chest of information and connections to the people that matter to your business.
I particularly appreciate the manner in which she sensitively imparts her knowledge to empower me, to take control of how I position myself and my business in my chosen field.
I cannot speak highly enough of Suzie – but I guess that’s obvious.

Alexa Martinez

Evolving consciousness through sexuality revolution

Ms. Suzie is one of the kindest and most generous humans I have ever had the pleasure of making contact with!

Before we were officially introduced, she took the time to get to know who I am through my writing and social media presence. Through her sharp intuition, she knew right away just who else I should get in contact with and every contact she makes never seems to disappoint.

Suzie has been a remarkable fountain of information, knowledge, and ideas. Suzie is a source of genuine support just by being herself. Not only has she connected me with perfect podcast guests for my show, she’s also made connections for my writing and so much more.

The connections Suzie makes are not just 1 layer deep, it’s like a source that just keeps on giving. When you are introduced to and on the radar of the right people, the connections keep on connecting. Every introduction I have had through Suzie has led to another and that one has led to another. It just goes to show that connections are easy, but when you are introduced to the right people, that’s when the magic really starts to happen.

On top of those wonderful things, Suzie is an automatic, soul-fulfilling friend, she’s the best cheerleader you could ever wish for and her little black book runs deep as it does wide.

Anyone who connects with Suzie is better for it. Thank you Ms. Suzie, for all that you do!

Pete Craig

Tech startup advisor

What can I say… Suzie seems to know everyone and is my go-to girl whenever I need a connection. It doesn’t seem to matter what niche I throw at her, she know’s someone that can help directly or is only a few emails away from that person – everything from property and art to celebrities and media or tech (and I’m sure if I had to ask a whole lot more).

But wait… that makes her sound like a one trick pony and she’s far from that, her ability to connect effortlessly with people is impressive, but this alone doesn’t do her talents justice. Suzie is also a highly creative entrepreneur who has an uncanny knack for spotting opportunities and turning them into businesses (successful ones too!) either her own or when supporting others.

In short, if you need to connect with someone specific, get amazing publicity or want to work with someone whose mind works at one hundred miles an hour, seeing different angles for everything that is possible, then you can’t go far wrong by trusting Suzie.

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Get the support you need to take your business, brand, product or service to the next level in record time.
Money Back Guarantee – full refund within 7 days if you decide that The Visibility Hub isn’t for you.
An affordable way to boost your business and your network.
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